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Facts and Comparisons’ Review of Natural Products and Drug News Weekly added to CogniQ™

Charlottesville, VA, July 25, 2002 — Unbound Medicine, Inc. and Facts and Comparisons today announced the addition of two new resources to CogniQ™, the leading platform for personal knowledge management on mobile electronic devices.

With CogniQ’s unique handheld/Web integration and communications technology, clinicians can easily stay current with the latest medical information. In addition, they can capture the questions that arise daily at the point of care and answer them with in-depth resources on the World Wide Web.

Unbound Medicine will add the following Facts and Comparisons content to CogniQ:

  • The Review of Natural Products (RNP) — the foremost source of current natural product information for health care professionals. RNP contains in-depth information on more than 300 natural products and covers botany, history, chemistry, pharmacology, medicinal uses, toxicology, and patient information. In addition, significant drug interactions are included.
  • Drug News Weekly — features brief news articles about important changes in drug information, including new drug approvals, indications and dose forms, Rx to OTC switches, newly reported interactions and adverse reactions, plus news scans from national media reports.

About Facts and Comparisons
Facts and Comparisons (www.factsandcomparisons.com) is a premier provider of current, accurate, and unbiased drug information for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Its flagship publication, Drug Facts and Comparisons® is one of the best-selling publications among health professionals and is a first-line reference drug information source. The company is part of the International Health & Science cluster of Wolters Kluwer, NV.

About Unbound Medicine, Inc.
Unbound Medicine, Inc. (www.unboundmedicine.com) develops next-generation knowledge management systems for healthcare. The company’s handheld and web-based technology platform and information architecture services help partners provide healthcare professionals with advanced systems for acquiring, managing, and sharing knowledge.


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