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Unbound Medicine and MDeverywhere Partner to Deliver Clinical and Research Information to the Point of Care via CogniQ™

Charlottesville, Va. and Durham, N.C. (October 3, 2002) – Unbound Medicine, a leader in the development of next-generation mobile knowledge management systems, today announced a partnership with MDeverywhere. By integrating CogniQ™, Unbound Medicine’s mobile knowledge management platform, with MDeverywhere’s leading point of care solutions, healthcare providers now have the option to add A to Z Drug Facts, Drug Interaction Facts Module and MEDLINE Journals to their MDeverywhere service. Valuable evidence-based answers from the latest medical literature, drug-drug and drug-food interactions, and detailed drug descriptions will be readily accessible on the provider’s Palm OS or Pocket PC device at the point of need.

"The efficacy of our existing integrated encounter and dictation capture is excellent, and we believe the addition of medication and research information will prove to be invaluable for providers making critical decisions about patient care," says Howard Jewell, MDeverywhere president and CEO. "Our solution is based on the premise of efficiently providing answers and information when they are needed, thereby markedly reducing errors, improving compliance and providing financial value."

EveryReference Components

  • A to Z Drug Facts - produced by Facts and Comparisons, this drug information resource is derived from Drug Facts and Comparisons and contains information on nearly 900 generic and 3,900 trade name drugs. Each monograph includes: Generic Name, Trade Name(s), Class Name, Action, Indications/Use, Contraindications, Dosage, Dosage Forms/Strengths, Drug Interactions, Lab Test Interferences, Adverse Reactions, Precautions, Administration and Storage, Assessment and Interventions, Overdosage, and Patient and Family Education.
  • Drug Interaction Facts produced by Facts and Comparisons, this resource contains drug-drug and drug-food interaction between thousands of brand and generic drugs. Via the CogniQ platform the user can select any number of medications, including combination drugs and foods, and quickly retrieve all the 1:1 interactions ranked by severity. For each 1:1 interaction the user can review a detailed interaction monograph on the handheld.
  • MEDLINE Journals – provides access to more than 300 of the most highly cited journals from MEDLINE. Users select, via the Web-based subscription manager, Journals to track, and the Table of Contents and Abstracts from the latest issue are downloaded to the handheld. Any article selected on the handheld is sent to the user’s Web library and linked to the publisher’s site on the Web for full text (if available), and into Unbound MEDLINE to perform more in-depth research. Journal data is derived from PubMed.

"Healthcare providers are faced with the ultimate challenge: learn, retain and act on an immense amount of constantly changing information," says William Detmer, MD, Unbound Medicine president and CEO. "By combining CogniQ with MDeverywhere’s suite of products, we further our mission to provide clinicians reliable, up to date, actionable information at the point of care, thereby helping to reduce medical errors and improve patient care."

About MDeverywhere
MDeverywhere offers industry leading point-of-care solutions designed to streamline the business of medicine for physicians. The solution components, EveryCharge® (charge capture), EveryNote SM (voice dictation), EveryOrder SM (order capture) and EveryReference SM (reference tools), build efficiency and productivity into physicians’ workflow, reclaiming dollars previously lost as the result of bulky administrative processes. Seven consecutive return on investment (ROI) studies at major healthcare organizations proved an average 317 percent ROI, gained from recouped lost charges, timely claim submission and reduced rework costs. MDeverywhere interfaces with major practice management systems and is available on Palm OS- and Pocket PC-based handheld devices or desktop workstations. For additional information, please visit www.mdeverywhere.com .

About Unbound Medicine, Inc.
Unbound Medicine, Inc. develops next-generation knowledge management systems for healthcare. The company’s handheld and web-based technology platform and information architecture services help partners provide healthcare professionals with advanced systems for acquiring, managing, and sharing knowledge. Additional information is available at www.unboundmedicine.com.


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