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PocketMedicine and Unbound Medicine Partner to Bring Leading Disease Management Resources to Handheld Devices

Charlottesville, VA, October 23, 2002 — Unbound Medicine, Inc. and PocketMedicine.com, Inc. today announced an agreement to add PocketMedicine titles to CogniQ™, the leading platform for personal knowledge management on mobile electronic devices. This partnership combines the premier, all-original list of PocketMedicine titles with Unbound Medicine’s award-winning handheld and Web technologies.

Unbound Medicine will distribute PocketMedicine titles as new channels on the CogniQ platform for both Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. Product rollout will begin in November. Titles will be drawn from PocketMedicine’s Treatment Strategies, Checklist, and Clinical series. Each PocketMedicine title is completely original, written by international experts, and designed specifically for handheld devices.

Via Unbound Medicine’s integrated handheld-Web platform users will not only view and navigate PocketMedicine content on the handheld but also be able to request more detailed information on any PocketMedicine topic. These requests are routed to the CogniQ Web Library on synchronization and generate links to more in-depth information in Unbound MEDLINE and other data sources.

"We are delighted to work with PocketMedicine.com to deliver critical clinical knowledge where and when it is needed," said William Detmer, MD, president and CEO of Unbound Medicine. "PocketMedicine’s content is specially suited for mobile professionals and our CogniQ platform because it is authored by leading experts and provides practical advice for a wide range of clinical problems in a consistent and easy-to-navigate structure."

"Unbound Medicine’s unique knowledge management platform is ideal for our content," said Lewis Reines, president and CEO of PocketMedicine.com. "Partnering with Unbound Medicine will allow us to reach new users and help them manage their professional knowledge not only on the handheld but also on the Web."

About PocketMedicine.com
PocketMedicine.com was founded in August of 2000 by Lewis Reines, a medical publisher with long experience in editorial and executive positions in the medical publishing business. It was his view that the increasing use of handheld devices by healthcare professionals created a tremendous new growth area for medical publishing, but that content written expressly for the handheld platform would be required to capture the opportunity. Additional information is available at www.pocketmedicine.com.

About Unbound Medicine
Unbound Medicine, Inc. develops next-generation knowledge management systems for healthcare. The company’s handheld and Web-based technology platform and information architecture services help partners provide healthcare professionals with advanced systems for acquiring, managing, and sharing knowledge. Additional information is available at www.unboundmedicine.com.


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